Standing Up in Solidarity

These past few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult. We echo Philanthropy Together’s statement on the killing of George Floyd and the protests that have ensued.
It is clear that, in this moment, we need powerful and enduring change. We need to use our platforms to shine light on inequities, commit to educating ourselves, amplify our voices, and, most importantly, advocate for justice. Collective giving and action provides an opportunity to do just that. Through this, the power of one becomes many—multiplying learnings, impact, and funding to create change. THIS is what we need right now: powerful change.
In light of this, we invite all of you to a two-part webinar series co-hosted with Community Investment Network and Marcus Littles of Frontline Solutions for giving circles and collective giving groups to learn and act in this moment.
The first webinar is this coming Monday, June 8th at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET: A Briefing from the Ground for Everyday Givers. Marcus will lead a powerful conversation with frontline organizations including Policylink, Power Coalition, Minnesota Department of Human Services, and The Gathering for Justice, sharing different approaches, perspectives and opportunities to get involved.
The second webinar on Monday, June 15th will focus on how Giving Circles can take action.
Read more and register for both webinars here.

Our voices are louder together—and like our impact, necessary now more than ever.