List of Giving Circles

There are hundreds of giving circles actively operating in the US, Canada, and throughout the world! They include women’s groups, men’s (and guys) groups, people groups (which are groups that include both men and women), businesses (corporations, companies, entrepreneurs), and kid’s groups (that also include youth and teen groups). There are even virtual giving circles that collect on behalf of a national or global cause.

If you are looking to join a giving circle or want to see if a giving circle exists in your community, please click on the appropriate link below to begin your search.

If your giving circle isn’t listed in the appropriate place on the following pages, if you know of a giving circle that isn’t listed here, or if when searching for a giving circle you find that a link does not work, please contact us and let us know.

Giving Circles located in Canada

Giving Circles located in the USA

Giving Circles located throughout the Rest of the World

Giving Circles that are comprised of Businesses

Virtual Giving Circles