Best Practices Training

In 2016 we hosted several conferences call designed to allow all of us to learn from one another. Did you miss a call and want to listen in on what was previously shared? If so, active links to the calls are below. Take a listen!

2016 Topics
Starting a New Chapter: Things to Consider Beforehand
Growing and Maintaining Membership
Gaining Sponsors and/or Community Support
Webpages, Social Media, and Press Releases
Starting and Running a Kids Chapter

2019 Topics
Leadership Conference: For $149 you’ll have access to over 10+ hours of learning from expert led sessions and actionable steps you can take to help you grow and strengthen your 100 Who Care Giving Circle.

2020 Topics
Hosting a Virtual Giving Circle With Zoom
Launching a 100 Who Care Giving Circle During a Pandemic
Virtual Meeting Q&A – Learn from Others
* Chat thread from call
* Supporting Resources Document