Grapevine‘s vision is to help propel the giving circle movement by making it easy for anyone to find an existing giving circle or start their own. Grapevine was designed with input from giving circles large and small who are already successfully using the platform. No need for nonprofit status, Donor Advised Funds, or payment processors. Grapevine can handle everything for you. If you’re already working with these structures, they can support the existing structures you have in place.

Grapevine’s platform makes managing and growing your giving circle easier than ever. No need for Facebook, email management systems, or spreadsheets. Grapevine has incorporated all of these functions into one easy to use tool. You can post updates, send emails, and take online polls. It’s almost like a Facebook group but not on the clunky Facebook platform and with tools specifically designed for giving circles.

Some of the key things to note:

  • The credit card processing fee is 2.2% + 30 cents, which is about 3%, for all credit cards other than American Express. Grapevine can provide customized preset donation amounts to your giving circle that includes enough to cover the processing fee. 
  • There are no distribution or administrative fees, but Grapevine does ask donors to consider a tip for the convenience of the service. This is additional and at the donor’s discretion.
  • Everything on Grapevine is extremely secure. They don’t store any credit card information on the site and they work with Stripe, which is a best-in-class processor across the board. They are also very protective of donor information, which is never shared with nonprofits.
  • When a donation is made through Grapevine the donor will receive a donation receipt to their email right after they make their donation. Grapevine has partnered with Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 public charity (EIN 46-1323531), to facilitate all donations. This is the organization that will distribute the donation once requested to the nonprofits your group selects.
  • If your giving circle is located outside of the U.S., Grapevine cannot make donations to organizations without a U.S. 501.c.3, but the rest of the platform is available to you for use.

To watch a video demonstration that was conducted for 100 Who Care Alliance giving circle members, please click here.

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